SIMF #5 – 1990

The 5th Seattle Festival of Improvised Music took place on March 14-18, 1990 at the New Melody Tavern, AFLN Gallery, and the OK Hotel. It was co-organized by Eric Amrine, Robert Hinrix, Charley Rowan, and Wally Shoup.

Participating artists:

Eric Amrine, guitar (Catabatics); Rob Angus, electronics/percussion (Metaphonics, Storm); Jan Bartlett, percussion (Metaphonics); Johnny Calcagno, guitar (Clank, Nous Sommes Les Enfants); CATABATICS (Amrine, Rowan, Shoup); Fred Chalenor, bass (Chalenor/Denio); CIRCULAR COWBOYS (Ring, Turner, ?); CLANK (Calcagno, Rowan, Morgan); Lesli Dalaba, trumpet; Amy Denio, bass, sax (Chalenor/Denio); Craig Flory, sax (Wigwam Bendix); FATE VS FREE WILL (?); Tom Gorton, junk percussion (Slagwerk); Scott Granlund, sax (Wigwam Bendix); Jeff Greinke, electronics/voice (Metaphonics, Storm); Robert Hinrix, guitar (Nous Sommes Les Enfants); Wayne Horvitz, piano; Pete Leinonen, bass; M.B.A. (?, Olympia); METAPHONICS (Angus, Bartlett, Greinke, Larsen, Zucker); Lars Larson, junk percussion (Metaphonics, Slagwerk); Kenny Mandell, sax (One Hand Clapping); Jeffrey Morgan, reeds (Clank); Eveline Mueller, percussion (Nous Sommes Les Enfants); New Art Orchestra (?); NOUS SOMMES LES ENFANTS (Calcagno, Hinrix, Mueller); ONE HAND CLAPPING (Mandell, Raffel); Greg Powers, trombone; Scott Raffel, sax (One Hand Clapping); Eric Ring, piano (Circular Cowboys); Charley Rowan, ? (Catabatics, Clank); Wally Shoup, alto sax (Catabatics, Wigwam Bendix); SLAGWERK (Gorton, Larson); STORM (Angus, Greinke); THE THING IS (?); TURN SIGNALS (?); Pete Turner, drums (Circular Cowboys); WIGWAM BENDIX (Flory, Granlund, Shoup), Jon Zucker, percussion (Metaphonics)

March 14 at New Melody Tavern
Nous Sommes les Enfants
Pete Leinonen
Wigwam Bendix

March 15 at New Melody Tavern
Greg Powers
One Hand Clapping
The Thing Is

March 16 at New Melody Tavern
Amy Denio/Eveline Mueller-Graf
Fate vs Free Will
Turn Signals
New Art Orchestra

March 17 at AFLN Gallery
Circular Cowboys
Fred Chalenor & Amy Denio

March 18 at OK Hotel
Jeff Greinke & Rob Angus
Wayne Horvitz & Lesli Dalaba

Review by Russell Roman in ArtsFocus, Sept. – Oct. 1990: