SIMF #7 – 1992

The 7th Seattle Festival of Improvised Music took place on June 4-6, 1992 at Washington Performance Hall. Organized by Johnny Calcagno, Robert Hinrix, Eric Muhs, Charley Rowan, and Wally Shoup,. Poster design: Russell Roman, Jr. All audio recordings by Eric Muhs.

Participating artists:

IV BRICOLEURS (Baulch, Muller); Eric Amrine, guitar (Catabatics); David Arnott, keyboards (Ideophony; Bozeman); B/C (Lowe, Miller, Reynolds, Skerik); Patrick Barber, bass (Kalberer Hotel Supply); Dave Barrett, saxophones (Splatter Trio, Notochord; Bay Area); Bob Basnich, electric guitar (Basnich/Hosler/Fisk); Nathan Bastuschek, euphonium (Horn Mania); David Baulch, (IV Bricoleurs); Myles Boisen, guitar (Splatter Trio, Notochord; Bay Area); Johnny Calcagno, guitar (Nous Sommes Les Enfants); Elyra Campbell, voice, electronics (Rainmaker); CATABATICS (Amrine, Rowan, Shoup); Ken Clare, sax (Sinecure); Lesli Dalaba, trumpet (Jeff Greinke Group, Ricochet)); Will Dowd, percussion (Jeff Greinke Group); Steve Fisk, electronics (Basnich/Hosler/Fisk); Denney Goodhew, saxophone; Scott Granlund, bass sax (Horn Mania); JEFF GREINKE GROUP (Dalaba, Dowd, Greinke); Jeff Greinke, keyboards, electronics (Jeff Greinke Group); Adam Griffen, percussion/recorder/bass (Griffen/Hawkley/Holdren); Michael Griffen, percussion/violin; John Hawkley, percussion/mixing bowl (Griffen/Hawkley/Holdren); Robert Hinrix, guitar (Nous Sommes Les Enfants); Deanna Holdren, percussion/banjo (Griffen/Hawkley/Holdren); HORN MANIA (Bastuschek, Granlund, Hoskin, McGrath, Phillips, Powers, Setzer, Stephens); Paul Hoskin, woodwinds (Horn Mania); Mark Hosler, electronics (Basnich/Hosler/Fisk); Alvin Huntsman, ? (Ideophony; Bozeman); IDEOPHONY (Arnott, Huntsman, Kohler; Bozeman, MT); Henry Kaiser, guitar (solo, Varty/Kaiser; Bay Area); KALBERER HOTEL SUPPLY (Barber, Ransome, Trissel); Jim Knodle, trumpet/toys (Rainmaker); Rob Kohler, bass (Ideophany; Bozeman); Keith Lowe, bass (B\C); Kenny Mandell, saxophone (Mandell/Raffel); Jeff McGrath, trombone (Horn Mania); Marty Miller, drums (B\C); Jeffrey Morgan, saxophone; Eveline Mueller-Graf, percussion (Nous Sommes Les Enfants); Eric Muhs, stuff (Notochord); Jeff Muller, ? (IV Bricoleurs); NOTOCHORD (Muhs + Splatter Trio) NOUS SOMMES LES ENFANTS (Calcagno, Hinrix, Mueller-Graf); Ed Phillips, tuba (Horn Mania); Greg Powers, didjeridu, tuba (Horn Mania); Scott Raffel, saxophone (Mandell/Raffel); RAINMAKER (Campbell, Knodle, Smart); Key Ransome, electronics (Kalberer Hotel Supply); James Reynolds, keyboards (B\C); RICOCHET (Dalaba, Ring); Eric Ring, keyboards (Ricochet); Gino Robair, percussion (Splatter Trio, Notochord; Bay Area); Russell Roman, guitar (Sinecure); Charley Rowan, sampler/synthesizer (Catabatics); Bev Setzer, contrabass clarinet (Horn Mania); Carolie Shoemaker, electronics/voice; Wally Shoup, saxophone (Catabatics); Michael Shrieve, electronic percussion (Shrieve/Wortman); SINECURE (Ken Clare, Russell Roman, ?); Skerik, saxophones (B\C); Chuck Smart, percussion/EWI/voice (Rainmaker); SPLATTER TRIO (Barrett, Boisen, Robair); Brad Stephens, bass clarinet (Horn Mania); Ben Trissel, bass (Kalberer Hotel Supply); Pete Turner, percussion (Ricochet); Alex Varty, guitar (Varty/Kaiser; Vancouver, BC); Kurt Wortman, electronic percussion (Shrieve/Wortman)

Note that there are some discrepancies between the press release (dated April 15) and the posters shown above, and the tentative soundcheck list (also from April 15) and the recordings that appear below: Kenny Mandell & Scott Raffel are listed on the poster for June 4, but are not on the soundcheck list; Jeffrey Morgan is on the soundcheck list for June 4 but his name does not turn up in any PR or on recordings; the John Hawkley group appeared on Friday, June 5 and not on June 4; Carolie Shoemaker is listed on the poster for June 5 and her set is among the recordings from that night, but she is not on the soundcheck list or press release; Greg Powers is on the soundcheck list for June 5 and poster for June 6, but does not appear solo on recordings of either night; Henry Kaiser is on the soundcheck list only as a duo with Alex Varty after Catabatics on June 5, though the recordings show he played a solo set before Catabatics as well as a duo set with Varty on June 6; Hornmania seems to have appeared on June 5, not June 6; the Jeff Greinke Group appears last on recordings from June 6, not on June 5 as per soundcheck list; recordings from June 6 show a very different set list than the soundcheck list; etc.

Thursday, June 4 (no audio recordings available)

IV Bricoleurs
Denney Goodhew
B/C (Keith Lowe, Marty Miller, James Reynolds, Skerik)
Kalberer Hotel Supply (Patrick Barber, Key Ransome, Ben Trissel)
Kenny Mandell & Scott Raffel – on poster but not on soundcheck list
Hawkley/Griffen Group
(Jeffrey Morgan – on soundcheck list, but not on poster)

(20:05) Hawkley/Griffen Group (Adam Griffen, Michael Griffen, John Hawkley, Deanna Holdren)

Friday, June 5

Greg Powers – not on recordings

(7:53) Ricochet Ricochet Ricochet (Leslie Dalaba, Eric Ring, Pete Turner), #1

(7:14) Ricochet Ricochet Ricochet, #2

(5:13) Ricochet Ricochet Ricochet, #3

(2:55) Henry Kaiser, #1

(12:22) Henry Kaiser, #2

(4:29) Henry Kaiser, #3

(9:19) Henry Kaiser, #4

(3:56) Henry Kaiser, #5

(7:28) Catabatics (Eric Amrine, Charley Rowan, Wally Shoup), #1

(8:17) Catabatics, #2

(3:45) Catabatics, #3

(4:12) Catabatics, #4

(24:35) Eric Muhs

(15:37) Splatter Trio (Dave Barrett, Myles Boisen, Gino Robair), #1

(1:53) Splatter Trio, #2

(13:42) Splatter Trio, #3

(12:29) Carolie Shoemaker

(23:19) Hornmania (Nathan Bastuschek, Scott Granlund, Paul Hoskin, Jeff McGrath, Ed Phillips, Greg Powers, Bev Setzer, Brad Stephens), #1

(5:18) Hornmania, #2

Saturday, June 6

(11:29) Paul Hoskin, #1

(9:46) Paul Hoskin, #2

(4:24) Rainmaker (Elyra Campbell, Jim Knodle, Chuck Smart), #1

(21:20) Rainmaker, #2

(24:07) Nous Sommes les Enfants (Johnny Calcagno, Eveline Mueller-Graf, Robert Hinrix)

(5:50) Michael Shrieve & Kurt Wortman, #1

(10:46) Michael Shrieve & Kurt Wortman, #2

(5:29) Michael Shrieve & Kurt Wortman, #3

(14:42) Bob Basnich, Steve Fisk, Mark Hosler, #1

(16:58) Basnich / Fisk / Hosler, #2

(3:49) Alex Varty & Henry Kaiser, #1

(5:55) Varty / Kaiser, #2

(6:32) Varty / Kaiser, #3

(7:48) Jeff Greinke Group (Lesli Dalaba, Will Dowd, Jeff Greinke), #1

(2:42) Jeff Greinke Group, #2

(9:50) Jeff Greinke Group, #3

(6:13) Jeff Greinke Group, #4