SIMF #9 – 1994

The 9th Seattle Festival of Improvised Music took place on April 28 – May 1, 1994 at the Center on Contemporary Art (CoCA). It was co-organized by Adam Griffen, John Hawkley, Robert Hinrix, Deanna Holdren, Eric Muhs, Dennis Rea, Charley Rowan, Wally Shoup, and Phil Woodruff. The poster was designed by Hank Trotter, and the program was designed by David Hartz. See program pages below for set lists.

[Question: Who was Chordal Vox – listed last on poster but not in program – and did they play or not?]

Participating artists:

2 NOT 1 (Mandell, Raffel); IV BRICOLEURS (Baulch, Muller); THE ACADEMES (Au Yong, Baker, Dempster, Morrison, Moyer, Reigle); AITSI (Asplund, Mahoney-Flake, Morrison, Reigle); Eric Amrine, guitar (Dog Oil); Rob Angus, electronics (Angus/Zucker); Brent Arnold, cello (Project W); Christian Asplund, viola (Aitsi); Byron Au Yong, erhu (Academes); Tom Baker, guitar (Academes); Patrick Barber, ? (Blowhole); Roland Barker, guitar (Hit By Pitch); David Baulch, ? (IV Bricoleurs); BLOWHOLE (Barber, Long, Tepedelen); Tessa Brinckman, flute (Purr & Gasp); Doug Carroll, cello (Rotodoti; Bay Area); Ken Clare, sax (DisBand); Jay Clayton, voice (Voices); “Cook”, ? (Installation Specialists); Rob Dan, voice/guitar/misc. (Quixotic) Stuart Dempster, trombone (Academes); Amy Denio, ? (Denio/Fein); DISBAND (Clare, Moore Dionne, Smart); Steve Ditore, sampler (Dog Oil); DOG OIL (Amrine, Ditore, Ewing); Cully Ewing, bass/percussion (Dog Oil); Ron Fein, ? (Denio/Fein); Gordon Frazier, jew’s harps/misc. (Quixotic); Lori Goldston, cello (Goldston/Rowan); Michael Griffen, violin (Noggin); Jay Hamilton, misc./voice (Quixotic); Rob Harrison, guitar (Hit By Pitch); John Hawkley, ? (Metal Men); Ron Heglin, trombone (Rotodoti; Bay Area); Steve Hernandez Effingham, voice (Sokkyo); HIT BY PITCH (Barker, Harrison, Husted, Lewis, Mueller, Nelson, Rea); Peter Hook, ? (Utterance Tongue); Wayne Horvitz, keyboards (Horvitz/Krauss/Stone); James Husted, bass (Hit By Pitch); INSTALLATION SPECIALISTS (“Cook”, “The Lung”, “Joe Science”); Frank Junk, ? (Utterance Tongue); Eyvind Kang, violin (Kang/Nelson-Zagar); Steve Kirk, trombone (Triaxial Trio); Susie Kozawa, misc. (Sokkyo); Briggan Krauss, alto sax (Horvitz/Krauss/Stone); Jon Lewis, guitar (Hit By Pitch); Ernst Long, ? (Blowhole); “The Lung”, ? (Installation Specialists); Maxim Mahoney-Flake, sax (Aitsi); Kenny Mandell, sax (2 Not 1); METAL MEN (Hawkley, Muhs); Pamela Moore Dionne, text/voice (DisBand); Ken Morrison, drums/harmonium (Academes, Aitsi); Bill Moyer, percussion (Academes); Eveline Müller-Graf, drums (Hit By Pitch); Eric Muhs, ? (Metal Men); Jeff Muller, (IV Bricoleurs); Mari Murao, dance (Sokkyo); Yoko Murao, dance (Sokkyo); Pete Nelson, bass (Hit By Pitch); Tari Nelson-Zagar, bass (Kang/Nelson-Zagar); NOGGIN (Griffen, Ostrowski); Tom Nunn, homemades (Rotodoti; Bay Area); Eric Ostrowski, violin (Noggin); Tim Perkis, computer (Rotodoti; Bay Area); Ed Pias, drums (Project W); PROJECT W (Arnold, Pias, Shoup); PURR & GASP (Brinckman, Sperry); QUIXOTIC STRING ENSEMBLE (Dan, Frazier, Hamilton); Scott Raffel, sax (2 Not 1); Dennis Rea, guitar (Hit By Pitch); Robert Reigle, sax (Academes, Aitsi); Eric Ring, keyboards (Triaxial Trio); ROTODOTI (Nunn, Carroll, Heglin, Perkis); Charley Rowan, sampler (Goldston/Rowan); Marybeth Saunders, voice (Sokkyo); “Joe Science”, ? (Installation Specialists); Scott Severson, ? (Utterance Tongue); Andy Shaw, voice (Voices); Wally Shoup, alto sax (Project W); Chuck Smart, percussion (DisBand); SOKKYO (Hernandez Effingham, Kozawa, Murao, Murao, Saunders, Sugai); Matthew Sperry, bass (Purr & Gasp); Mike Stone, drums (Horvitz/Krauss/Stone); Esther Sugai, flute (Sokkyo); Adam Tepedelen, ? (Blowhole); TRIAXIAL TRIO (Kirk, Ring, Weaver); UTTERANCE TONGUE (Hook, Junk, Severson, Wallace); VOICES (Clayton, Shaw, Wilson); Brendon Wallace, ? (Utterance Tongue); Jay Weaver, drums (Triaxial Trio); Annabelle Wilson, voice (Voices); John Zucker, ? (Angus/Zucker)

Metal Men at CoCA, April 30, 1994 (courtesy Eric Muhs)