SIMF #11 – 1996

The 11th Seattle Improvised Music Festival took place on June 19-22 and 25-29, 1996, at the Speakeasy Cafe, OK Hotel, Dance Center of Seattle, Seattle Art Museum, KCMU, Cornish College of the Arts, Duwamish River, Tractor Tavern, Lighthouse Roasters, and Lake Union Pub. It was co-presented by Other Sounds and Earshot Jazz, and organized by Paul Hoskin, recently returned after a long tenure in New York City.

“[The festival] included a mass gathering of horn players at the “Sonic Wharf,” an abandoned boardwalk fronting the Duwamish River in the heart of Seattle’s port district. This event was curated by Doug Haire, producer of the Sonarchy live radio concert series, which broadcasts a festival event each year. The highlight of the eleventh festival was a solo performance by British saxophone virtuoso John Butcher, one of the most arresting players on the European improvised music scene.” (Dennis Rea)

Participating artists:

ABC MUSIC HOSPITAL (Arnold, ?); Brent Arnold, cello (ABC Music Hospital); Christian Asplund, viola (Asplund/Mahoney-Flake); Bob Barraza, voice/small instruments (Barraza/Hinrix/Schwartz/Scollard); Rob Blakeslee, trumpet (Oregon; Blakeslee/France/Oace); John Butcher, sax (UK; solo, Butcher/Hoskin/Meehan/Sperry); Greg Campbell, percussion (Festival Drum Qt.); Lara Candland, voice (Candland/Vinten-Johansen); Ed Chang, clarinet (Chang/Collins/Dumars/Theriault); Mark Collins, bass (Chang/Collins/Dumars/Theriault, …Kagel…); Lesli Dalaba, trumpet (Dalaba/Dempster/Shoup/Weber); Dan Davis, drums (Davis/Larsen/Wald); Arrington de Dionyso, reeds (Dionyso/Laage/Sperry/Swanson); Stuart Dempster, trombone (Dempster/Powers, Dalaba/Dempster/Shoup/Weber); Amy Denio, monochord (Denio/Haglund/Knott/Meyer/Milford); Andrew Drury, drums (Festival Drum Qt.); Jason Dumars, sax (Chang/Collins/Dumars/Theriault); DUWAMISH HORNS (30+ brass/reed players on a disused boardwalk fronting the Duwamish River in Seattle’s port district; conceived and curated by Doug Haire/I.O.T.A.); Steve Feld, trombone (Santa Fe; TG3); Festival Drum Quartet (Campbell, Drury, Major, Meehan); Festival String Quartet (? + Lurie); Mark France, guitar (Oregon; Blakeslee/France/Oace); Mike Galligan, drums (Galligan/Rowan); Lori Goldston, cello (Goldston/Magai); Jeff Greinke, ? (Greinke/Kozawa/Swenson); Adam Griffen, ? (The Griffens); Michael Griffen, (The Griffens); Tom Guralnick, saxophones (Albuquerque; TG3); Lisa Haglund, monochord (Denio/Haglund/Knott/Meyer/Milford); Sue Ann Harkey, guitar (Harkey/Knodle); Geoffrey Harper, bass (Harper/Rea); Robert Hinrix, voice/small instruments (Barraza/Hinrix/Schwartz/Scollard); Al Hood, piano (Hood/Nelson-Zagar); Paul Hoskin, reeds (Butcher/Hoskin/Meehan/Sperry, Hoskin/Meehan); Francois Houle, clarinet, sax (Houle/Pias); HUUS [members?]; Jim Knodle, trumpet (Harkey/Knodle); Dave Knott, monochord (Denio/Haglund/Knott/Meyer/Milford); Susie Kozawa, homemades/objects (Greinke/Kozawa/Swenson); Joan Laage, butoh dance (Dionyso/Laage/Sperry/Swanson); Scott Larsen, bass (Davis/Larsen/Wald); Pete Leinonen, bass (Leinonen/Morgan); Jessica Lurie, sax (Festival String Qt.); Jack Magai, dance (Goldston/Magai); Maxim Mahoney-Flake, sax (Asplund/Mahoney-Flake); Erik Major, drums (Festival Drum Qt.); Mike Marlin & Co. [members?]; Sean Meehan, snare drum (NYC; Festival Drum Qt., Butcher/Hoskin/Meehan/Sperry, Hoskin/Meehan); Neal Meyer, monochord (Denio/Haglund/Knott/Meyer/Milford); David Milford, monochord (Denio/Haglund/Knott/Meyer/Milford); Jeffrey Morgan, reeds (Leinonen/Morgan, Morgan/Vale); Tari Nelson-Zagar, violin (Hood/Nelson-Zagar); Cory Oace, drums (Oregon; Blakeslee/France/Oace); Ed Pias, percussion (Houle/Pias); Greg Powers, trombone (Dempster/Powers); Dennis Rea, guitar (Harper/Rea); Charley Rowan, piano (Galligan/Rowan); Caryn Schwartz, voice/small instruments (Barraza/Hinrix/Schwartz/Scollard); Gina Scollard, voice/small instruments (Barraza/Hinrix/Schwartz/Scollard); Wally Shoup, sax (Dalaba/Dempster/Shoup/Weber); Matthew Sperry, bass (Dionyso/Laage/Sperry/Swanson, Butcher/Hoskin/Meehan/Sperry); Troy Swanson, keyboards (Dionyso/Laage/Sperry/Swanson); Christian Swenson, dance (Greinke/Kozawa/Swenson); TG3 (Albuquerque; Feld, Guralnick, Voorhees); Doug Theriault, guitar /etc. (Portland; Chang/Collins/Dumars/Theriault); Harlan Mark Vale, drums (Morgan/Vale); Anna Vinten-Johansen, voice (Candland/Vinten-Johansen); Jefferson Voorhees, drums (Albuquerque; TG3); Ted Wald, bass (Davis/Larsen/Wald); Sabra Weber, flute (Dalaba/Dempster/Shoup/Weber); Christian Wolff’s EDGES (led by Hoskin); Phil Woodruff, machines/devices; John Zorn’s COBRA (led by Arnold)

Wednesday, June 19 (Speakeasy)
Solo – John Butcher

Thursday, June 20 (OK Hotel)
Duo – Sue Ann Harkey, Jim Knodle
Mike Marlin & Co.
Festival Drum Quartet – Greg Campbell, Andrew Drury, Erik Major, Sean Meehan
Duo – Stuart Dempster (?), Greg Powers
Trio – Dan Davis, Scott Larson, Ted Wald
The Griffens
Duo – Jeffrey Morgan, Pete Leinonen

Friday, June 21 (Dance Center Seattle)
Quartet – Joan Laage, Arrington de Dionyso, Matthew Sperry, Troy Swanson
Duo – Lori Goldston, Jack Magai
Trio – Jeff Greinke, Susie Kozawa, Christian Swenson

Saturday, June 22 (SAM)
Duo – Christian Asplund, Maxim Mahoney-Flake
Quartet – Lesli Dalaba, Stuart Dempster, Wally Shoup, Sabra Weber
Duo – Al Hood, Tari Nelson-Zagar

Saturday, June 22 (Sonarchy on KCMU-FM)
Quartet – John Butcher, Paul Hoskin, Sean Meehan, Matthew Sperry

Sunday, June 23 (Cornish)
Workshop – John Zorn’s “Cobra”, led by Brent Arnold + Christian Wolff’s “Edges”, led by Paul Hoskin

Tuesday, June 25 (Port of Seattle)
Duwamish Horns: Sonic Wharf, curated by Doug Haire

Wednesday, June 26 (Tractor Tavern)
TG3 (Steve Feld, Tom Guralnick, Jefferson Voorhees)
Festival String Quartet w/ Jessica Lurie

Thursday, June 27 (OK Hotel)
Trio – Rob Blakeslee, Cory Dace, Mark France
Brent Arnold’s ABC Music Hospital
Solo- Phil Woodruff
Duo – Francois Houle, Ed Pias
Exquisite Corpse ensembles

Friday, June 28 (Lighthouse Roasters):
Duo – Geoff Harper, Dennis Rea
Quintet – Amy Denio, Lisa Haglund, Dave Knott, Neal Meyer, David Milford
Quartet – Bob Barazza, Robert Hinrix, Karyn Schwartz, Gina Scollard
Quartet – Ed Chang, Marc Collins, Jason Dumars, Doug Theriault

Saturday, June 29 (SAM):
Duo – Lara Canland, Anna Vinten-Johansen
Duo – Mike Galligan, Charley Rowan
Duo – Paul Hoskin, Sean Meehan

Duwamish Horns (aka Maritime Horns): Sonic Wharf event, curated by Doug Haire, with assistance from Scott Granlund:

Sonic Warf, photo by Sean Meehan