SIMF #12 – 1997

The 12th Seattle Improvised Music Festival took place on April 30 – May 6, 1997, at the Speakeasy Cafe, Tractor Tavern, Anomalous Records, Sonarchy live radio hour, South Seattle underpass, and Uncle Rocky’s. It was co-organized by Lesli Dalaba, Dennis Rea, Wally Shoup, and Matthew Sperry. One new and unusual element was the sound installation by Doug Haire and Ron Fein beneath a highway overpass in Seattle’s industrial district at 1 AM (30+ people attended!). Set lists for specific dates and venues are currently unavailable.

Participating artists:

Brent Arnold, cello (Project W); Christian Asplund, viola (Festival String Ens.); Fred Chalenor, bass (Chalenor/Horist/Rea); Rob Bageant, Chapman Stick (UnFolkUs); Angelina Baldoz, trumpet (Large Group); Ryan Berg, bass (Large Group); Matt Chamberlain, drums (Chamberlain/Dunn/Hauser/Moore/Swanson/etc.); Lesli Dalaba, trumpet (Dalaba/Shoup/Smith); Arrington de Dionysio, reeds (UnFolkUs); Amy Denio, ? (Denio, Von Drehle, Wills); Randall Dunn, sounds (Chamberlain/Dunn/Hauser/Moore/Swanson/etc.; Liz Falconer, koto (Festival String Ens.); Ron Fein, sound installation; FESTIVAL STRING ENSEMBLE (Asplund, Falconer, Kihlstedt, Nelson-Zagar, Smith); Jeff Greinke, ? (Large Group); Troy Grugett, sax (Troy Grugett Trio); Doug Haire, sound installation; Brad Hauser, bass (Chamberlain/Dunn/Hauser/Moore/Swanson/etc.); Bill Horist, guitar (Chalenor/Horist/Rea, UnFolkUs); Paul Hoskin, reeds (UnFolkUs); Sherri Kalm, sax (Large Group); Carla Kihlstedt, violin (Festival String Ens., Kihlstedt/Robair/Sperry); Susie Kozawa, misc. (Large Group); LARGE GROUP (Baldoz, Berg, Greinke, Kalm, Kozawa, Mandell, Marlin, Meehan, Robair, Rowan, Smith, Theriault); Kenny Mandell, sax (Large Group); Mike Marlin, banjo (Large Group); Sean Meehan, drums (Project W, Large Group); Steve Moore, trombone (Chamberlain/Dunn/Hauser/Moore/Swanson/etc.); Eveline Müller, percussion (UnFolkUs); Tari Nelson-Zagar, violin (Festival String Ens.); PROJECT W (Arnold, Meehan, Shoup); Dennis Rea, guitar (Chalenor/Horist/Rea); Gino Robair, drums (Kihlstedt/Robair/Sperry, Large Group); Charley Rowan, keyboards (Large Group); Wally Shoup, sax (Project W, Dalaba/Shoup/Smith); LaDonna Smith, violin/viola (Alabama; Festival String Ens., Smith/Van Hove, Dalaba/Shoup/Smith, Large Group); Matthew Sperry, bass (Kihlstedt/Robair/Sperry); Troy Swanson, keyboards (Chamberlain/Dunn/Hauser/Moore/Swanson/etc.); Doug Theriault, guitar (Large Group); TROY GRUGETT TRIO (Grugett, ?); UNFOLKUS (Bageant, Dionysio, Horist, Hoskin, Müller); Fred Van Hove, piano (solo, Smith/Van Hove); Courteney Von Drehle, accordion (Denio, Von Drehle, Wills); Larold Wills, drums (Denio, Von Drehle, Wills);


Fred Chalenor, Bill Horist, Dennis Rea, Amy Denio, Courteney Von Drehle, and Larold Wills
Randall Dunn, Steve Moore, Troy Swanson, Matt Chamberlain, Brad Hauser, and others
Festival String Ensemble (LaDonna Smith, Carla Kihlstedt, Elizabeth Falconer, Christian Asplund, Tari Nelson-Zagar)
Troy Grugett Trio (members ?)
Doug Haire & Ron Fein, sound installation
Project W (Wally Shoup, Brent Arnold, Sean Meehan)
Gino Robair, Carla Kihlstedt, and Matthew Sperry
LaDonna Smith, Gino Robair, Sean Meehan, Jeff Greinke, Charley Rowan, Doug Theriault, Kenny Mandell, Angelina Baldoz, Ryan Berg, Mike Marlin, Sherri Kalm, and Susie Kozawa
LaDonna Smith, Wally Shoup, and Lesli Dalaba
UnFolkUs (Rob Bageant, Arrington DeDionysio, Bill Horist, Paul Hoskin, Eveline Müller)
Fred Van Hove
Fred Van Hove & LaDonna Smith

Handbill for installation by Doug Haire & Ron Fein.