SIMF #14 – 1999

The 14th Seattle Improvised Music Festival took place on July 23 & 24, 1999, at On The Boards Studio Theater. It was co-organized by Wally Shoup with assistance from Dennis Rea and Matthew Sperry.

“This festival focused largely on local improvisers, plus special guest Philadelphia-based percussion marvel Toshi Makihara. Performers included the quartet of violinist Tari Nelson-Zagar, trombonist Steve Moore, trumpeter Dave Carter, and drummer Jay Weaver; Project W (saxophonist Wally Shoup, cellist Brent Arnold, and percussionist Jeph Jerman) augmented by Toshi Makihara; a performance of John Zorn’s game-strategy piece for improvisers, Cobra; the electric guitar quartet Guitarantula (Ed Petry, Dennis Rea, Doug Theriault, and Rik Wright) with Toshi Makihara; the Matthew Sperry Ensemble; and the quartet of Matthew Sperry (bass), Doug Theriault (guitar), Mark Collins (bass), and Paul Hoskin (reeds).” (Dennis Rea)

Participating artists:

Brent Arnold, cello (Cobra, Project W); Angelina Baldoz, trumpet (Cobra, Matt Sperry Grp.); Patrick Barber, voice (Cobra); Dave Carter, trumpet (TN-Z Qt.); Mark Collins, bass (…Kagel…, Collins/Hoskin/Makihara/Sperry/Theriault); Carl Farrow, sampler (Cobra); GUITARANTULA (Petry, Rea, Theriault, Wright); Paul Hoskin, contrabass clarinet (Cobra, Collins/Hoskin/Makihara/Sperry/Theriault); Jeph Jerman, percussion (Matt Sperry Grp., Project W); Randy Jones, turntable (Cobra); Jason Justice, turntable (Cobra); …KAGEL… (Collins, Sperry, Theriault, Hoskin); Toshi Makihara, percussion (Cobra, Collins/Hoskin/Makihara/Sperry/Theriault, Project W); MATT SPERRY GROUP (Baldoz, Jerman, Nelson-Zagar, Sperry); Steve Moore, trombone (TN-Z Qt.); Tari Nelson-Zagar, violin/bass (TN-Z Qt., Matt Sperry Grp.); Ed Petry, guitar (Guitarantula); PROJECT W (Arnold, Jerman, Shoup); Dennis Rea, guitar (Cobra, Guitarantula); Wally Shoup, sax (Project W); Matthew Sperry, bass (Matt Sperry Grp., Collins/Hoskin/Makihara/Sperry/Theriault); Jeffrey Taylor, guitar (Cobra); Doug Theriault, guitar (Portland; Collins/Hoskin/Makihara/Sperry/Theriault, Guitarantula); TN-Z QUARTET (Carter, Moore, Nelson-Zagar, Weaver); Jay Weaver, drums (TN-Z Qt.); Rik Wright, guitar (Guitarantula); John Zorn’s COBRA led by Farrow & Arnold (Arnold, Baldoz, Barber, Farrow, Hoskin, Jones, Justice, Makihara, Rea, Taylor)

Friday, July 23

Tari Nelson-Zagar Quartet (Dave Carter, Steve Moore, TN-Z, Jay Weaver)
Project W (Brent Arnold, Jeph Jerman, Wally Shoup, Toshi Makahara)
COBRA (Brent Arnold, Angelina Baldoz, Patrick Barber, Carl Farrow, Paul Hoskin, Randy Jones, Jason Justice, Toshi Makihara, Dennis Rea, Jeffrey Taylor, and others.)

Saturday, July 24

Guitarantula (Ed Petry, Dennis Rea, Doug Theriault, Rik Wright, Toshi Makihara)
Matthew Sperry Group (Angelina Baldoz, Jeph Jerman, Tari Nelson-Zagar, Matthew Sperry)