SIMF #15 – 2000

The 15th Seattle Improvised Music Festival took place on June 23-July 3, 2000, at the Seattle Chamber Theater, Habitat Cafe, On The Boards, I-Spy, The Rainbow, and Zeitgeist Cafe. It was co-organized by Dennis Rea and Wally Shoup, and co-presented/co-sponsored by Earshot Jazz, Hipsync Records (Rik Wright’s label), Other Sounds (concert series co-run by Dennis Rea, Wally Shoup, and Matt Sperry ), Peruvian Night Train Productions (comics artist Jim Woodring), Resonant/Circuit, Strategic Improvisation Laboratories, The Tentacle (magazine co-founded by Mike Marlin, Dennis Rea, et al), and Their Own Devices.

Japanese guitarist KK Null did not perform, as he was turned away by officials at the airport for not having a work visa.

“[The festival] comprised nine events at venues throughout Seattle, and was co-presented with area new-music presenters Earshot Jazz, HipSync Records, Other Sounds, Peruvian Night Train Productions, Resonant/Circuit, Strategic Improv Labs 2000 (SIL2K), the Tentacle, and their.own.devices, under the overall direction of longtime festival organizers Dennis Rea and Wally Shoup. Featured performers included Fred Van Hove (Belgium) with Johannes Bauer (Germany), John Butcher (UK) with Gino Robair and Matthew Sperry, the Amsterdam-based Monitor Trio (Michael Moore, Tristan Honsiger, and Cor Fuhler), and Toshi Makihara (Philadelphia).” (Dennis Rea)

Participating artists:

ARC (Chalenor, Flory, McGer); Brent Arnold, cello (Project W); Angelina Baldoz, trumpet (Baldoz/Goldston/Hoskin/Mor-X/Woods); Johannes Bauer, trombone (Germany; Bauer/Van Hove); Michael Bisio, bass (Bisio/Makihara/Shoup); John Butcher, sax (UK; Butcher/Robair/Sperry); Greg Campbell, drums (Project W); Dave Carter, trumpet (Tárd Quartet); Stephen Thomas Cavit, drums (Outhouse); Fred Chalenor, bass (Arc); Paul Chuey, sax (Outhouse); Lisa DeFrance, clarinet (Tripod); James Drage, electronics (SRJ2K); Carl Farrow/inBOIL, electronics (inBOIL/Justice); Craig Flory, clarinets (Arc); Cor Fuhler, piano (Netherlands; Monitor Trio); Jason Glover, guitar (Tripod); Leah Gold/King Leah, voice, keyboard (King Leah/Soultheft); Kevin Goldsmith, electronics (Intonarumori); Lori Goldston, cello (Baldoz/Goldston/Hoskin/Mor-X/Woods); HAM & TREACHERY (Schlipper, Schuller); Robert Henson, guitar (SRJ2K); Paul Hinklin, bass (Tárd Quartet); Tristan Honsinger, cello (UK/Netherlands; Monitor Trio); Bill Horist, guitar (Horist/Null, solo); Paul Hoskin, reeds (Baldoz/Goldston/Hoskin/Mor-X/Woods); Andre Hulet, guitar (Outhouse); INTONARUMORI (Goldsmith); Jason Justice/dj jjustice, turntable (inBOIL/Justice, SIL2K); Seymour King, keyboards (Tripod); Toshi Makihara, drums (Philadelphia; Bisio/Makihara/Shoup, Project W); MARLO & SNARPY (?); Ken Masters, guitar (Outhouse); Stuart McLeod, drums, electronics (SRJ2K); Jason McGer, drums (Arc); MONITOR TRIO (Fuhler, Honsinger, Moore); Michael Moore, sax (Netherlands; Monitor Trio); Darren Mor-X, drums (Baldoz/Goldston/Hoskin/Mor-X/Woods); KK Null, guitar (Japan; Horist/Null) [did not perform]; OUTHOUSE (Cavit, Chuey, Hulet, Masters); Mike Peterson, drums (Tárd Quartet); Phil Petrocelli/Soultheft, drums, (King Leah/Soultheft, Schuller/Soultheft); PROJECT W (Makihara, Shoup, ?); Pete Reilly, guitar (Tárd Quartet); Gino Robair, percussion (Bay Area; Butcher/Robair/Sperry); Mark Schlipper, drums (Ham & Treachery); John Schuller, guitar (Ham & Treachery, Schuller/Soultheft); Wally Shoup, sax (Bisio/Makihara/Shoup, Project W); SIL2K (Strategic Improvisation Laboratories 2000) ALL-DJ ENSEMBLE (Farrow, Justice, Goldsmith, Petrocelli, Schuller); SRJ2K (Drage, Henson, McLeod); Matthew Sperry, bass (Bay Area; Butcher/Robair/Sperry); TÁRD QUARTET (Carter, Hinklin, Peterson, Reilly); Doug Theriault, guitar (Portland); TRIPOD (DeFrance, Glover, King); Fred Van Hove, piano/accordion (Belgium; Bauer/Van Hove); Frances Woods, violin/viola (Baldoz/Goldston/Hoskin/Mor-X/Woods)

Friday, June 23 (Seattle Chamber Theater/Odd Fellows Hall)
Trio – John Butcher, Gino Robair, Matt Sperry

Sunday, June 25 (Habitat Cafe)
Trio – SRJ2K: James Drage, Robert Henson, Stuart McLeod
King Leah & Soultheft

Tuesday, June 27 (On the Boards Main Stage)
Duo – Fred Van Hove, Johannes Bauer

Wednesday, June 28 (Club I-Spy)
Duo – Bill Horist, KK Null
Trio – Michael Bisio, Toshi Makihara, Wally Shoup
SIL2K All-DJ Ensemble: inBOIL, dj jjustice, intonarumori, Soultheft, John Schuller

Thursday, June 29 (Rainbow)
Project W: Brent Arnold, Greg Campbell, Wally Shoup + Toshi Makihara
Fred Chalenor’s Arc w/ Craig Flory, Jason McGer
Tárd Quartet: Dave Carter, Paul Hinklin, Mike Peterson, Pete Reilly

Friday, June 30 (Zeitgeist Cafe)
Small groupings: Angelina Baldoz, Lori Goldston, Paul Hoskin, Darren Mor-X, Frances Woods, others?

Friday, June 30 (Rainbow)
Outhouse: Stephen Thomas Cavit, Paul Chuey, Andre Hulet, Ken Masters
Marlo & Snarpy

Sunday, July 2 (Habitat Cafe)
Ham & Treachery: Mark Schlipper, John Schuller
Tripod: Lisa DeFrance, Jason Glover, Seymour King

Monday, July 3 (On the Boards Studio Theater)
Solo – Bill Horist
Monitor Trio: Cor Fuhler, Tristan Honsinger, Michael Moore