SIMF #20 – 2005

The 20th Seattle Improvised Music Festival took place February 9-13, 2005 at Gallery 1412 (ex-Polestar Music Gallery). It was organized by Gust Burns, Angelina Baldoz, and Nathan Levine.

Participating Artists:

Linda Gayle Aubrey, electronics (Boston; Beach Party); BEACH PARTY (Aubrey, Cogburn, Eubanks); Jesse Canterbury, clarinet (Gutcanes Trio); Chris Cogburn, percussion (Austin; Beach Party); Arrington de Dionyso, clarinets (Olympia); Tim DuRoche, drums (Portland); Lisle Ellis, bass (Bay Area; What We Live); Bryan Eubanks, sax/electronics (Portland); Jaime Fennely, electronics (Brooklyn; Manpack Variant); Beth Fleenor, clarinet (Kamigakari); FLOSS (Mills, Seman, Ostrowski); GUTCANES TRIO (Canterbury, Levine, Schoenbeck); Paul Hoskin, reeds; Jeff Huston, electronics (Kamikagari); KAMIGAKARI (Fleenor, Oi); Lê Quan Ninh, percussion (France), Nathan Levine, bass (Gutcanes Trio); MANPACK VARIANT (Brooklyn; Fennely, Peck); Cristin Miller, voice (Murderous Copulation of Birds); Izaak Mills, sax (Floss); MURDEROUS COPULATION OF BIRDS (Miller, Reynolds); NA (Japan/Seattle; Nomura, Watanabe, Yamada); Kazu Nomura, guitar (Japan/Seattle; Na); Larry Ochs, sax (Bay Area; What We Live); Mark Oi, guitar (Kamikagari); Marc Ostrowski, drums (Floss); Chris Peck, electronics (Brooklyn; Manpack Variant); Gregory Reynolds, sax (Murderous Copulation of Birds); Donald Robinson, drums (Bay Area; What We Live); Sara Schoenbeck, bassoon (Los Angeles; Gutcanes Trio); John Seman, bass (Floss); Karen Stackpole, gongs (Bay Area); Noriaki Watanabe, keyboards (Japan/Seattle; Na); WHAT WE LIVE (Bay Area; Ellis, Ochs, Robinson); Shinsuke Yamada, drums/sampler (Japan/Seattle; Na)

Wednesday, February 9

Paul Hoskin, solo reeds (Clallam Bay)
Tim DuRoche, solo drums (Portland)
Karen Stackpole, solo gongs/percussion (Bay Area)

Thursday, February 10

Manpack Variant (Brooklyn) – Jaime Fennely, electronics; Chris Peck, electronics
Arrington de Dionyso, solo clarinets, etc. (Olympia)
Floss (Seattle) – Izaak Mills, saxophone; John Seman, bass; Marc Ostrowski, drums

Friday, February 11

What We Live (Bay Area) – Lisle Ellis, bass; Larry Ochs, saxophone; Donald Robinson, drums/percussion
Na (Seattle) – Kazu Nomura, Noriaki Watanabe, Shinsuke Yamada

Saturday, February 12

1 PM: Improvised Music Workshop led by Gust Burns, Chris Cogburn, and others

Beach Party – Linda Gayle Aubrey, electronics (Boston); Chris Cogburn, percussion (Austin); Bryan Eubanks, sax/electronics (Portland)
Murderous Copulation of Birds (Seattle) – Cristin Miller, voice; Gregory Reynolds, alto sax
Gutcanes Trio – Sarah Shoenbeck, bassoon (Los Angeles); Nathan Levine, bass (Seattle); Jesse Canterbury, clarinet (Seattle)

Sunday, February 13

3 PM: Roundtable Discussion
Lê Quan Ninh, solo percussion (France)
Kamigakari (Seattle) – Beth Fleenor, clarinet; Jeff Huston, Mark Oi, guitar (this set can be heard on BandCamp):

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