SIMF #28 – 2013

The 28th Seattle Improvised Music Festival took place February 7-9, 2013, presented by Seattle Improvised Music and Nonsequitur. It was co-curated by Gust Burns and Paul Hoskin. Craig Taborn gave a lecture at Cornish College of the Arts on Friday, Feb. 8 and there was an afternoon concert by Gust Burns and Craig Taborn at Gallery 1412 on Feb. 9. All other events took place at Good Shepherd Center Chapel in Wallingford.

Participating artists:

Ivan Arteaga, alto sax; Gust Burns, piano; Greg Campbell, percussion; Mark Collins, bass; Stuart Dempster, trombone; Amy Denio, clarinet/voice; Tucker Dulin, trombone (Brooklyn); Beth Fleenor, clarinet/voice; Paul Hoskin, contrabass clarinet; Paul Kikuchi, percussion; Tari Nelson-Zagar, violin; Mark Ostrowski, percussion; Greg Powers, trombone/tuba; Monica Schley, harp; LaDonna Smith, violin/viola/ voice (Birmingham, AL); Craig Taborn, piano (NYC); Jonathan Way, field recordings

Thursday, February 7
Quartet – Amy Denio, Beth Fleenor, Paul Hoskin, LaDonna Smith,
Trio – Tucker Dulin, Stuart Dempster, Greg Powers
Trio – Ivan Arteaga, Paul Kikuchi, Craig Taborn

Friday, February 8
Craig Taborn lecture (12 PM at Cornish College of the Arts)
Quartet – Gust Burns, Mark Collins, Tucker Dulin, Jonathan Way
Solo – LaDonna Smith
Trio – Paul Hoskin, Mark Ostrowski, Craig Taborn

Saturday, February 9
Duo – Gust Burns, Craig Taborn (1 PM, Gallery 1412)
Trio – Tari Nelson-Zagar, Monica Schley, LaDonna Smith
Duo – Greg Campbell, Craig Taborn
Solo – Tucker Dulin

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