SIMF #32 – 2017

The 32nd Seattle Improvised Music Festival took place on Feb. 2-4, 2017, presented by Nonsequitur with assistance from a Neighborhood & Community Arts grant from Seattle Office of Arts & Culture. It was co-curated and co-organized by Greg Campbell, Kate Olson, and Steve Peters. All events took place at the Good Shepherd Center Chapel in Wallingford. The poster was designed by Bruce C. Mitchell.

Most of the artists invited this year had never played the festival before. In recent years the concert format was three 30-minute (approx.) curated ensemble sets per night. This year there were three 20-minute sets, plus a 30-minute set featuring a visiting guest artist playing solo and with other musicians of their choosing.

In addition to the usual evening concerts, several other new components were added this year. Each night there was a “merch mart,” at which local labels and individual artists were invited to table their improvised music releases. On Saturday afternoon there was a workshop for improvising dancers and musicians, facilitated by dancer Sheri Cohen and musician Dave Knott. On Saturday evening before the concert there was a potluck and community discussion about the future of the festival.

Participating artists:

Steve Barsotti, field recordings/homemades; Heather Bentley, viola; Brian Chin, trumpet; Arrington de Dionyso, woodwinds (Olympia); Douglas R. Ewart, woodwinds (Minneapolis); James Falzone, clarinet/piano; Mike Gamble, guitar (Portland); Lori Goldston, cello [not listed on poster or program]; Natalie Mai Hall, cello [on poster/program but did not attend]; Robin Holcomb, piano; Jeff Johnson, bass; Catherine Lee, oboe/oboe d’amore (Portland); Lisa Cay Miller, piano (Vancouver, BC); Nicole Mitchell, flutes (Chicago); Michaud Savage, classical guitar; Bonnie Whiting, percussion; Evan Woodle, drums


Thursday, February 2
Duo – James Falzone, Bonnie Whiting
Trio – Heather Bentley, Robin Holcomb, Nicole Mitchell
Quartet – Heather Bentley, Brian Chin, Michaud Savage, Bonnie Whiting
Solo – Lisa Cay Miller + Duo with James Falzone

Friday, February 3
Duo – Jeff Johnson, Evan Woodle
Quartet – Douglas R. Ewart, Robin Holcomb, Catherine Lee, Jeff Johnson
Quartet – Steve Barsotti, Brian Chin, Arrington de Dionyso, Mike Gamble
Solo – Nicole Mitchell + Duo with Michaud Savage + Quartet with Douglas R. Ewart, Lisa Cay Miller

Saturday, February 4
Duo – Mike Gamble, Evan Woodle
Trio – Steve Barsotti, James Falzone, Arrington de Dionyso
Quartet – Heather Bentley, Catherine Lee, Lisa Cay Miller, Bonnie Whiting
Solo – Douglas R. Ewart solo + Quintet with Steve Barsotti, Heather Bentley, Lori Goldston, Lisa Cay Miller