SIMF #34 – 2019

The 34th Seattle Improvised Music Festival took place Feb. 6-10, 2019, presented by Nonsequitur with kind assistance from the Raynier Institute & Foundation. The organizers were Haley Freedlund, Chris Icasiano, and Steve Peters. The dance/music show was curated by Stephanie Skura. The poster was designed by Haley Freedlund.

Due to a major snow storm, several of the shows were cancelled and had to be rescheduled for later in the year. In some cases the rescheduled shows had different performers than originally planned due to scheduling conflicts (see below). This was most apparent in a special tribute concert honoring SIMF founder Paul Hoskin, who died in November 2018; many of the artists originally scheduled to perform in this concert on February 9 were unable to attend the rescheduled event on March 15.


Participating artists:

Holland Andrews, clarinet/vox (Portland); Rob Angus, ? (Hoskin Tribute); Linda Austin, dance (Portland; Dance/Music); BANNED REHEARSAL (Comely, Eisenbrey, Eisenbrey, Kennedy, Keyt, Kosaly-Meyer); Ambrosia Bardos, electronics/vox; CK Barlow, electronics (Baltimore); Paige Barnes, dance (Dance/Music); Abbey Blackwell, bass; Gust Burns, piano (Hoskin Tribute); Johnny Calcagno, keyboard (Hoskin Tribute); Greg Campbell, percussion (Hoskin Tribute); Jesse Canterbury, clarinet (Hoskin Tribute); Peter Comely, various (Banned Rehearsal); Stuart Dempster, gongs (Hoskin Tribute); Renko Ishida Dempster, gongs (Hoskin Tribute); Vanessa DeWolf, dance (Dance/Music); Nate Dryden, dance (Salt Lake City; Dance/Music); Karen Eisenbrey, various (Banned Rehearsal); Keith Eisenbrey, various (Banned Rehearsal); Beth Fleenor, clarinets/voice [invited but cancelled]; Haley Freedlund, trombone; Lori Goldston, cello (Hoskin Tribute); Scott Granlund, sax (Hoskin Tribute); Schraepfer Harvey, drums; John Hawkley, ? (Hoskin Tribute); Robert Hinrix, guitar (Hoskin Tribute); Chris Icasiano, drums; Mark Kaylor, ? (Hoskin Tribute); Steve Kennedy, various (Banned Rehearsal); Aaron Keyt, various (Banned Rehearsal); Jim Knodle, trumpet (Hoskin Tribute); Dave Knott, homemades (Dance/Music, Hoskin Tribute); Neal Kosaly-Meyer, various (Banned Rehearsal, Hoskin Tribute); Austin Larkin, viola (Hoskin Tribute); Pete Leinonen, bass (Hoskin Tribute); Carol Levin, harp (Hoskin Tribute); Bryan Lineberry, sax; Fran Lukas, sax (Hoskin Tribute); Jordan MacIntoosh-Hougham, dance (Dance/Music); Kenny Mandell, sax; Kelsey Mines, bass; Ebony Miranda, cello; Eric Muhs, ? ((Hoskin Tribute); Andria Nicodemou, vibraphone (Cyprus/Boston); Odeya Nini, voice/movement (Los Angeles); Steve Peters, field recordings (Dance/Music); Kelvin Pittman, sax (Hoskin Tribute); Charley Rowan, piano (Hoskin Tribute); Marc Seales, piano; Patrick Shiroishi, sax (Los Angeles); Wally Shoup, sax (Hoskin Tribute); Stephanie Skura, dance (Dance/Music); China Faith Star, sax (Olympia); Bradley Stevens, clarinet (Hoskin Tribute); Tom Varner, French horn; Jenny Ziefel, bass clarinet (Dance/Music, Hoskin Tribute)

Wednesday, February 6 (Gallery 1412)
Duo: Abbey Blackwell, Ebony Miranda
Duo: Haley Freedlund, Chris Icasiano
Duo: Marc Seales, Tom Varner
Solo + ?: Patrick Shiroishi

Thursday, February 7 (Hollow Earth Radio)
Duo: CK Barlow, Ambrosia Bardos
Trio: Bryan Lineberry, Schraepfer Harvey, China Faith Star
Quintet: Banned Rehearsal (Comely, Eisenbrey, Eisenbrey, Kennedy, Keyt, Kosaly-Meyer)
Duo: Andria Nicodemou, Chris Icasiano

Friday, February 8 (Good Shepherd Center Chapel)
Duo: Haley Freedlund, Tom Varner
Duo: Andria Nicodemou, Marc Seales
Trio: Kenny Mandell, Kelsey Mines, Odeya Nini
Solo + ?: CK Barlow

Saturday, February 9 (Good Shepherd Center Chapel)
[All of this day’s scheduled events were cancelled due to snow]

Free the Voice! Workshop with Odeya Nini
$10 – $20 sliding scale. Details and registration here.
[Odeya also gave a Voice Bath at Seattle Sound Temple on Weds. Feb. 6]

Dance & Music, curated by Stephanie Skura
Dancers: Linda Austin (Portland), Paige Barnes, Vanessa DeWolf, Nate Dryden (Salt Lake City), Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, Stephanie Skura
Musicians: Beth Fleenor, clarinets/voice; Dave Knott, homemades; Steve Peters, field recordings

Tribute to SIMF founder Paul Hoskin
Dave Abramson, Eric Amrine, Linda Austin, Angelina Baldoz, Gust Burns, Greg Campbell, Arrington de Dionyso, Stuart Dempster, Beth Fleenor, Scott Granlund, Sue Ann Harkey, Robert Hinrix, Bill Horist, Jeph Jerman, Mark Kaylor, Jim Knodle, Dave Knott, Neal Kosaly-Meyer, Pete Leinonen, Carol J. Levin, Eveline Müller-Graff, Eric Muhs, Tari Nelson-Zagar, Greg Powers, Dennis Rea, Charley Rowan, John Seman, Wilson Shook, Wally Shoup, Brad Stevens, Jenny Ziefel, others TBA

Trio: Holland Andrews, Ambrosia Bardos, Ebony Miranda
Trio: Abbey Blackwell, Haley Freedlund, Patrick Shiroishi
Solo + ?: Odeya Nini

Sunday, February 10 (Couth Buzzard Books)
[cancelled due to snow]
Quartet: Schraepfer Harvey, Bryan Lineberry, Kenny Mandell, China Faith Star
Free improv session open to players of all experience levels, led by Kenny Mandell

Sunday, February 10 (Cafe Racer)
Solo + ?: Andria Nicodemou + Chris Icasiano [Holland Andrews was unable to attend]
Racer Sessions, open to players of all experience levels
After party!

Rescheduled Performances:

Friday, March 15 (Good Shepherd Center Chapel)
Paul Hoskin Tribute
Gong interludes by Stuart & Renko Dempster
Shrine by Sue Ann Harkey
Trio: Rob Angus, John Hawkley, Eric Muhs
Solo: Johnny Calcagno
Duo: Lori Goldston, Austin Larkin
Trio: Robert Hinrix, Jim Knodle, Neal Kosaly-Meyer
Duo: Charley Rowan, Bradley Stevens
Quintet: Gust Burns, Greg Campbell, Mark Kaylor, Kelvin Pittman, Wally Shoup
Trio: Jesse Canterbury, Carol Levin, Jenny Ziefel
Hoskin’s Quietude: Greg Campbell, Stuart Dempster, Scott Granlund, Jim Knodle, Dave Knott, Neal Kosaly-Meyer, Pete Leinonen, Carol Levin, Fran Lukas, Charley Rowan, Wally Shoup, Bradley Stevens, Jenny Ziefel

Thursday, June 20 (Good Shepherd Center Chapel)
Dance & Music, curated by Stephanie Skura
Dancers: Linda Austin, Paige Barnes, Vanessa DeWolf, Nate Dryden, Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, Stephanie Skura
Musicians: Dave Knott, Steve Peters, Jenny Ziefel

Friday, July 19 (Good Shepherd Center Chapel)
Duo: Ambrosia Bardos [via recording], Ebony Miranda
Solo: Holland Andrews

Friday, November 15 (Good Shepherd Center Chapel)
Duo: Abbey Blackwell, Kelsey Mines
Solo: Odeya Nini

Recordings by Steve Peters:

(20:22) Ambrosia Bardos, electronics/voice / CK Barlow, electronics

(20:47) Schraepfer Harvey, drums / Bryan Lineberry, sax / China Faith Star, sax

(20:02) Banned Rehearsal (Peter Comely, Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosaly-Meyer), assorted instruments and objects

(22:41) Chris Icasiano, drums / Andria Nicodemou, vibraphone – #1

(12:02) Haley Freedlund, trombone / Tom Varner, French horn

(13:39) Andria Nicodemou, vibraphone / Marc Seales, piano

(12:02) Kenny Mandell, sax / Kelsey Mines, bass / Odeya Nini, voice

(24:55) CK Barlow, electronics / Andria Nicodemou, vibraphone – Solo + Duo

(14:27) Chris Icasiano, drums / Andria Nicademou, vibraphone – #2

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